The World’s Smallest Pistols


Small guns are a novelty. With sizes ranging from palm sized to ones that can attach to a key chain, miniature pistols are more collectors items than serious firearms. The price tag alone on some of the most custom miniature pistols makes owning one of these guns pretty exclusive. The smallest of these guns range in size from several inches to a mere two! One pistol, in particular, is so small it is assembled by Swiss watchmakers.

These guns are constructed with precision and often lack the firepower found in larger pistols–many are not even available in the U.S due to non-regulation barrel sizes that are below the 3 inch minimum set by the ATF. The specialized design and ornate construction, however, make these small pistols a unique item to have in a gun collection. Here is a quick look at some of the more noteworthy miniature pistols.

Double Tap .45 Caliber

This pistol is one of the smallest live ammunition guns available at 5.5’’ long and 3.9’’ tall. This gun features the ability to carry two bullets in the barrels and two more in the gun handle. There are two versions of this gun–an aluminum version that costs $500 and a titanium at $730. The biggest detractor to a pistol like this–aside from the firepower–may be keeping track of it. This is the smallest .45 caliber on the market.

Berloque Pistol

This gun is a veritable key chain pistol at a size of 0.78 inches by 1.5 inches. In fact, the gun even comes with a key chain ring for portability. Because of its diminutive size, this gun is more novelty than deadly weapon. The pistol can shoot colorful flares or blank rounds and is best appreciated for its precision engineering than its sheer firepower–which it undoubtedly lacks. These guns carry a deep heritage as they have been manufactured since 1905.

Selbstlade Pistole

This pistol is the smallest single action, semi-automatic pistol with a mere 1.25 inch barrel. The gun can be loaded with 5 rounds in a detachable magazine and was manufactured in the early 20th Century as a clever, easy to conceal pistol for protection and novelty. Today, pistols like this one are almost exclusively novelty given their impractical firepower and non-regulation barrels in the U.S. After World War I, this gun fell out of favor as a protection piece due to its sub-optimal performance, but maintained its novelty appeal. These days, these pistols are novelty keepsakes.

.09 Caliber Swiss Mini Gun

This pistol is considered to be the smallest pistol in the world and a incredible 2 inches and 0.7 ounces, it may be hard to imagine a smaller gun. This is also one of the most expensive guns relative to size at a cool $6,705. The pistol itself is a double action six shot revolver that comes complete with 2.34 millimeter cartridges. The high price tag keeps this pistol scarce and, perhaps as a result, only 100 of these guns are manufactured each year. This small pistol is a premium collectors gun and resembles more of a toy than a serious revolver, but is very much a functional weapon.