Revolver or Semi-Automatic?

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When it comes to guns we have our favorites and for specific reasons. We have looked at the basics of the revolver and the semi-auto based on their benefits and drawbacks. Some of the advantages are also disadvantages of the revolver and semi-auto. Take a look at some of the characteristics that make these firearms liked and disliked by gun owners.




  1. They are efficient.
  2. Revolvers are pretty reliable, rarely jam.
  3. They can fit almost anyone.
  4. Revolvers don’t use mags.
  5. The Revolver trigger is heavy.
  6. Handle different types of ammo well.


  1. Don’t normally have a switch-on and off manual safety. Revolvers are unforgiving in the safety department.
  2. Due to their construction they don’t make the best concealed carry guns.
  3. Additional weight can be a burden to those of smaller stature.
  4. Limitation on the number of rounds it can hold, slow to reload.
  5. Not the most user friendly when it comes to being repaired.

Curious about the history of the Revolver? Check out our Infographic below!
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  1. Modern pistols are efficient and have simple internal functions.
  2. They are a safe choice for all gun users.
  3. They will fit anyone.
  4. Magazines allows for more ammo and quick reload.
  5. Lighter trigger improves accuracy.
  6. Malfunctions are not typical and can be easily fixed.


  1. Can freeze-up in sub zero temperatures.
  2. When a jam occurs it cannot fire again until the jam is cleared.
  3. If the shooter does not have proper training this can be a con in a dangerous situation.
  4. Strength required to rack the slide can be problematic for some.
  5. Some models are awkward for left-hand use.

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