GunVault Launches a New Product to Pistol Guide

Product to Pistol-Pistol to Product (1)

GunVault has recently launched two online tools to help you match the perfect safe to your firearms. The new Pistol to Product guideline allows customers to match their firearms to all of the compatible GunVault safes. If you are looking for the perfect safe for a specific type of firearm, this tool is extremely beneficial. Simply select your firearm from a drop down menu and the corresponding GunVault safes will be listed.

The Product to Pistol guide works in reverse. Simply select the type of GunVault safe you own or are considering purchasing and a listing of compatible firearms appears. This is a great tool for the gun enthusiast to match their safe with specific gun models in a quick an efficient way. With these tools, it is easier than every to choose a GunVault safe that suits your firearms with complete assurance that it will be compatible. As always, GunVault offers online product warranty registration and a five year full warranty against fire and burglary on all products.