GunsAmerica Praises GunVault’s AR-MagVault & BreechVault


In case you haven’t heard, GunsAmerica recently gave praise for two of GunVaults products:

  1. The AR-MagVault which is for AR-15 pattern rifles and
  2. The BreechVault, for semi-auto and pump shotguns.

The online article states, “GunVault, who you probably know from their biometric handgun safes, has recently introduced two products that take the place of those pesky cable locks for not a lot of money. If you aren’t locking your gun in a safe and you feel you need to provide a foolproof measure to keep your gun safe from firing, one of these might be for you. Neither can be eliminated with a $5 pair of bolt cutters from Wal-Mart, and one is even on sale for a few days more for $13.95.”

Read the complete article here: GunsAmerica.  Thank you GunsAmerica for this lovely article!

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