Gun Vaults On the Go: Secure and Safe

If extensive car travel is part of your work or leisure routine, you want to have the ability to carry your small firearm with you without worrying about safety or security concerns. Today’s highly portable compact gun safes make that possible! Easily carried in a day-pack or briefcase, your firearm is always at your beck and call should you ever need it for self-protection; and because the safe is compact, ultra-light and totally discreet it is the ultimate in convenience too. Here is a brief look at portable gun safes — why you need one, and what kinds of options are available to you.

Why Use a Portable Gun Safe?

  • Total safety and protection is always at your fingertips: in the car, at the office, on your bike, on the hiking trail, or wherever your daily activities take you!
  • Keeping a gun unsecured is risky: a portable safe keeps it out of the wrong hands and prevents accidents while still providing instant accessibility.
  • It helps prevent legal hassles that may arise from carrying an unsecured firearm in your car.
  • In addition to your firearm, you can also store cash and other compact valuables safely and securely when on the road.

Options For Portable Gun Safes

When you choose a portable safe from GunVault, you have a choice of entry systems: finger pad sequence or biometrics. Both solutions offer lightning-fast access and total security.

If a note-book style vault is not what you’re looking for, GunVault also offers a trigger vault which mounts right to the rail of a hand gun, unlocks with one touch and provides near-instant shooting capability without sacrificing security. The vault remains mounted to the gun and features super fast keyless access: no removable parts and absolutely no interference with shooting capabilities.

GunVault’s portable MicroBioVault was recently named “Safety Product of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence, and is yet another example of the company’s commitment to providing practical, safe solutions to carrying a hand gun.

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