Feeling safe in your home is extremely important. Protecting your valuables, loved ones, and yourself is a central concern for most people. Improving your home security is an important part of feeling comfortable and protected in your living environment. Home security involves a lot of different things, from home security systems to safeguarding valuables within […]


The days of burying your guns are over my friends, hiding your firearms off-site is useless if there is an emergency and downgrades the quality of your gun. In this day and age there are ways to store your guns that keep you and your family safe while maintaining the integrity of your firearms. When […]

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Did you know that carrying a concealed handgun in public is permitted in all 50 states as of 2013? Carrying a gun whether concealed or not tends to be a controversial topic, but it shouldn’t be. Guns are for protection, simple as that, and there will not always be other people around to protect us. […]


June is National Safety Month, how are you staying safe?

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Convincing your girlfriend that guns are okay can be a tricky objective. Each situation is different and each has it’s own unique complications. The outcome of your efforts is going to depend greatly upon how you approach the situation. Responsible gun ownership can be broken into three main components: Positive Attitude, Knowledge, and Skill. Positive […]

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