The locking mechanism on a safe is a crucial part of what makes a safe a safe. Locks range from combination locks, electronic keypads, and lock and key to biometric. Though all locks on a quality constructed safe should provide equal security, it is important to evaluate factors like overall security and time spent opening […]


#462086703 / When you own a gun or guns, sometimes you will have to transport them with you when you travel. This commonly involves packing your gun in a secure gun case and readying it for transport. Depending on how you are traveling, you may need to take additional steps in preparing and securing […]


Part of responsibly owning firearms is maintaining a secure storage space. Weapons and ammunition should be properly stored in a secure safe or vault. Many states have specific laws related to firearm locking security and storage. The standards for gun locks and secure storage vary from state to state. Most of the states with laws […]


When you travel with your guns, you need a safe place to store them–for both legal and practical reasons. Gun safes are the most effective way in which to store guns in any environment–recreational vehicles included. If you travel with guns by way of recreational vehicles like campers, boats, and ATVs, you need an effective […]


Buying used is a great way to save money when purchasing a firearm.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying or selling a used gun. Get a Signed and Dated Bill of Sale Getting a receipt from the seller gives you a way to prove that the gun belongs to you […]

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