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Moving a large safe is a big job. The largest safes for homes and businesses can weigh from 300 to well over 1500 pounds–making them some of the heaviest items to transport. The process of moving or relocating such a heavy item involves a number of logistical concerns ranging from specialized equipment to proper moving […]


The locking mechanism on a safe is a crucial part of what makes a safe a safe. Locks range from combination locks, electronic keypads, and lock and key to biometric. Though all locks on a quality constructed safe should provide equal security, it is important to evaluate factors like overall security and time spent opening […]


The benefits of having a safe are varied and numerous. Safes often have an association with banks and fortified mansions sporting thousand pound vaults, but a much broader range of people can benefit from a safe than financiers and people with stacks of gold and weapons at home. Safes come in a huge diversity of […]