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Last week we posted the first 5 rules of safe gun handling. Here are the final five that round off the top ten list. Following these steps when dealing with your firearm will help keep you and those around you safe, no matter the situation. Be Cautious if the Gun Doesn’t Fire After the Trigger […]


Learning how to handle a gun is a useful skill that can be used in many capacities from fun target shooting to protecting yourself in a life threatening situation. Before anything else, you must learn the first five rules of safe gun handling, put together by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. These rules will prepare […]


Keeping your firearm protected yet easily accessed is crucial in the home. Put some thought into where you will hide your firearms, and how you will access them in an emergency situation. The Safe Before you even purchase your first firearm, you should invest in a safe. This can be a smaller handgun safe, or […]