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Part of responsibly owning firearms is maintaining a secure storage space. Weapons and ammunition should be properly stored in a secure safe or vault. Many states have specific laws related to firearm locking security and storage. The standards for gun locks and secure storage vary from state to state. Most of the states with laws […]


Carrying a concealed weapon involves selecting the right type of gun to carry in an efficient and discreet manner. Certain types of guns lend themselves well to concealed carry for their size, weight, and easy transport on your person or in a bag. Small handguns are typically the most practical to carry with a concealed […]


Guns, like any other piece of mechanical equipment, are prone to malfunction. Guns are susceptible to jamming or misfiring–both defined as a partial or complete failure of the gun to function as designed. These malfunctions can be temporary, harmless events or dangerous instances where injury occurs and the gun is permanently damaged. Understanding common firearm […]