Biometric Safe Technology

Biometric Safes: Security that is Personalized

Biometric safe technology is becoming more and more popular for security on a range of devices. From smartphones to gun safes, fingerprint recognition biometric technology adds an additional level of security to protect your possessions.

For gun safes, this security feature is invaluable for safeguarding weapons and other valuables. GunVault features a variety of biometric gun safes to give you the confidence of personalized security with quick and easy access when you need it.

What is Biometric Safe Technology?

Biometric technology relies on physiological or behavioral characteristics to perform recognition. This can include scanning faces, fingerprints, handwriting, irises, veins, and voice. Since biometric information is distinct from personal data, the information cannot be recreated or stolen to access personal information. Also, given that everyone has unique physical attributes, such as fingerprints, biometric technology can efficiently and accurately verify authorized users. For safe security, little is more reliable than biometric locks.

How Does Biometric Safe Technology Work?

Biometric security that relies on fingerprint scanners work by identifying the pattern of lines and ridges on your finger and matching those with the pre-scanned lines and ridges in the computer system. These specific characteristics are programmed into the computer system and saved as an encrypted biometric key. These keys are not images of the fingerprint, but a series of numbers (binary code) that are verified when you scan your fingerprint. This means that your fingerprints cannot be duplicated or be converted into an image since the computer only recognizes the exact series of numbers corresponding to your unique fingerprint. This makes for highly effective, individualized safe security.

Better, Personalized Security with Biometric Gun Safes

When you own a gun safe, security is a top concern, but so too is accessibility. Traditional combination locks offer great security, but they often require more time to open. Biometric locks can be an ideal solution for ensuring total security while preserving quick access. Since only your personal data or those to whom you grant access can open the safe, biometric security protects against tampering from children and potential intruders. This technology has made gun safe security more efficient and reliable than ever before. GunVault carries a selection of biometric handgun and pistol safes in a range of sizes to meet your personal security needs. When it comes to protecting your weapons and other valuables, your safe security should be personalized. Check out our complete selection of quality biometric gun safes.

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